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    Designed by Lesley Feldman and developed by 4-mile, we created a total WordPress solution, using galleries and unique transistions from photos to videos for the legendary Seattle restaurant.

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    Designed by Turnstyle and developed by 4-mile, we created a total customized WordPress solution, using advanced custom post types, customized WordPress menus, searchable camps and wish lists, slideshows banners and much more. Check out their site here.

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    YMCA Annual Report

    Designed by Ross Hogin and developed by 4-mile, we created a parallax site, using HTML5, jQuery and CSS to create animated effects as the viewer scrolls down the page to create a unique user experience. Check out their site here.

What’s Happening at 4-mile

We’ve moved!

September 1, 2013

My wife, Cindy, graduated Summa Cum Laude at the University of Idaho and is moving on to graduate school. After reviewing all of her offers, we finally decided on the University of Southern California’s distance learning program. We nearly pulled the trigger on the University of Wisconsin and had the University of Washington high on our list. Although the thought of returning to the beautiful Seattle area was very tempting, we finally had to select the school that best met our educational and personal goals. USC offers an exceptional program while giving us the opportunity to stay in our beloved North Idaho region close to friends and family. We’ve moved from the U of I in Moscow, ID north a couple of hours to the beautiful tourist town of Coeur d’Alene, ID. As most of our clients know, we conduct the majority of our business via email/phone, so this transition should be transparent and we expect no interruption to our current work schedule.

Posted by Eric on Sunday, September 1st, 2013 at 05:55 pm • Click here for more posts

Treehouse and YMCA Launch

April 7, 2013

This month we had two challenging projects go live. The Treehouse site, designed by Turnstyle, was a big undertaking both on the content side and the backend side. We came up with a great custom-post-type solution, which basically means, instead of your normal WordPress “posts” or “pages”, we created custom posts areas like, “bios”, “careers”, “stories” and “newsroom” to help the client navigate the WordPress admin in a much simpler and organized way. We created a fun tile system that translated to the backend with custom posts categories like “academic tiles” and “essential tiles“. We made the banner slideshows completely manageable for the client by creating a custom area in the admin where they can upload new images and edit/add text over the banners as they wish. The most challenging aspect was a Summer Camp searchable database that pulled data from the WordPress Admin to allow the client to easily manage all aspects of the return values. In the end, it was an enjoyable project to be a part of with all kinds of new solutions that we plan to apply to future builds.

The same can be said for the YMCA Annual Report project, but in an entirely different way. The challenge on this one was not the Parallax vertical scrolling site, as that’s quickly becoming a standard build here at 4-mile, but the HTML5/jQuery animated effects as the user scrolls down the page. Once triggered, we have elements slide in from different directions, others fade in and we even have the annual report numbers tally from zero to their final number as the bar graph expands. A fun site to build and a fun site for visitors.

Posted by Eric on Sunday, April 7th, 2013 at 03:39 pm • Click here for more posts

Wordpress Theme Development

We team with our design partners in the web development phase of their projects. For over ten years we have worked with design firms throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We have maintained a reputation for our innovative web solutions, dedication to each project, and understanding that a project is not complete until everyone is fully satisfied with the end result.

We provide a service that meets the needs of the client by allowing the unique creativity of our design partners to come to life while keeping their original vision completely intact.

Our partners feel confident that when they deliver their creative design, we can take it through all stages of development, including the launch of the website. Our number one building tool for both Content Management and Blogging is Wordpress. If the end-client choses to not use Wordpress, we provide services for updating and maintaining existing sites by having the end-client work directly with us.

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Even before handoff, it's important to know what solutions we can offer. Wordpress drives the Content Management, but there are a multitude tips and tricks that can make the frontend of the build much more dynamic, such as Responsive Design, Parallax Building, Slideshows, Custom Post Types, Innovative Plugins and many other jQuery solutions.



The Handoff phase of the project is not just about handing off Photoshop or Illustrator files.  We review wireframes, preliminary layout, scope of content, available Wordpress plugins and tools along with other special needs required to complete the entire project.  Once the scope of the project is determined and the design team is comfortable with the direction, file handoff is the kickoff to the development phase of the Web build. 



The build phase of the project starts with templates. We build unique HTML/CSS pages based on the design team's handoff using our favorite programming tools, Coda and BBEdit. Once the templates are approved, we'll move into the Wordpress phase of the project. This is usually done in an online test/preview environment provided by the client's web host that we set up during the build phase. Templates are converted to a complete custom Wordpress theme, giving the client an easy-to-use Blog and Content Management solution.  



An often overlooked, but critical phase, testing is done on many levels. We start with design integrity to ensure that the site layout matches the designer's original files right down to the pixel. If a web font delivery system is required, like Type Kit, MyFonts, Fonts.com or Google fonts, we test to make sure fonts are being delivered to the live server. Our final, but most important test is browser compatibility. We test on all current browser versions on both MAC and PC, along with mobile and tablet devices to ensure all viewers have the same web experience.


The review process starts with the design team's review of the site to make sure their vision is completely intact. We're keen on the feedback process and will have as many review sessions as it takes to get it just right.  Once approved by the design team, we then send it to the client for review and start the feedback process all over again, allowing as much back-and-forth as it takes to ensure that the site is exactly as the client envisioned it.



Once the site has been delivered to the client and is posted live, the final step in the process is training.  Before training, we do a customization of the Wordpress admin to make it easy for the client to navigate the CMS. We hold a 30 minute to 1 hour WebEx session where we show the client all the ins and outs of their new Wordpress Content Management System.  We also offer continued assistance by answering any questions, giving additional training or taking on site maintenance after the project has been completely delivered.


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Eric Richards

The Short Pro Version
I graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Visual Communications. I've owned and operated 4-mile Production for over a decade, pairing my passion for creativity with my sharp technical skills.

The Long Version
I love what I do and can't wait to come into my office every morning. Having such creative clients makes my job really enjoyable. My degree says that I'm a graphic designer, but prior to my UW education, I went to DeVry Institute of Technology because programming was always in my blood. It just seemed like a no-brainer to combine my love of creativity and my love of programming to jump into the world of web development. HTML/CSS is the only programming language that isn't strict and totally logical - it styles creative ideas and also allows for innovative solutions, which makes it a blast to work with.

But I'm not all work and no play; my wife, Cindy, and I have one of those super romantic love stories - we were college sweethearts years ago, went off to different schools, eventually lost touch and then reunited 16 years later. Both of us were the "ones that got away", but now we make the most of every day while making up for lost time. A lot of that time is in the outdoors where we go hiking and backpacking up here in the North Idaho and Western Montana mountains. We've encountered grizzlies, crazy weather and bum knees, but we can't get enough of it. We try to jump on our mountain bikes when we can and I see kayaking coming back into our lives in the very near future.

eric richards

Cindy Richards

Cindy is our part-time programmer, content developer and content editor, but what she brings more than anything else to 4-mile is her cheerful attitude and great smile. Her future will have nothing to do with web development as her goal is to teach and work in the field of crisis counseling, which she plans to do after completing her graduate degree at USC's MSW distance learning program.


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